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Green Up My Community!

Picture1Islam teaches us that we are stewards of the earth who should stand up for justice. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “The world is green and beautiful, and Allah has appointed you as guardians over it to see how you behave” (Muslim). Our Prophet led by example and showed us the importance of looking after the welfare of animals, protecting the environment and respecting natural resources.

It’s now time to bring back the green in our deen! We want to see Muslim institutions – particularly our mosques – at the forefront of the environmental movement, preaching green from the pulpit and demonstrating eco-consciousness in everything they do.

Green Up My Community, a joint campaign by FEMYSO and MADE in Europe, will take place through 2013 to inspire a new Muslim youth-led pan-European environmental and trade justice movement. It will bring together youth from over 9 European countries with a keen interest in tackling environmental and trade justice issues. They will be encouraged to think and live ‘Green’, and to share knowledge and strategies on embedding environmentally friendly and ethical consumption habits among their local communities.

We will also be developing a Green Guide for mosques to support them to commit to environmentally friendly habits from conserving energy and water, to setting up community food growing plots and providing recycling facilities.


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