GardenInspired by Islamic teachings on nurturing and looking after the environment we are looking to support and encourage the Muslim community, especially Mosques and Islamic Centres, to show leadership on one of the most critical challenges facing us today.

As stewards on earth, it is our responsibility to look after the natural habitat and resources, and hand over to the next generation the gift of the natural environment that Allah has given us all. It is true that the scale of the challenge that environmental degradation presents to us can be overwhelming, but it is no excuse for inaction; we can’t do everything, but we can do something.

It is time to put our faith teachings into practice, and take action that strengthens our relationship not just with nature but with Allah as well. Mosques are the centre of religious and community life for Muslims, and a Green Deen starts with the greening of our Mosques.

There is a long list of positive actions that we can take to make Mosques more eco-friendly, from introducing recycling and using energy saving light bulbs to community gardens and solar panels. Some of these initiatives are easier to implement than others and therefore we have categorised these into different action groups. The initiatives mentioned here are just to give you an idea of how Mosques can ‘green up’; you will soon realise that there are no shortage of ideas and actions that we can take to be more environmentally friendly.


Bronze level initiatives are the easiest to implement. They do not require any substantial financial input or structural changes; only a bit of time and effort. These initiatives include simple things like walking to the Mosque, introducing recycling facilities and putting up posters regarding Islamic teachings about environmental protection in the Mosque.


Silver initiatives go further than bronze level ones and require working very closely with Mosques and the local Muslim community to get them implemented. They involve higher costs and might need some changes made to the Mosque structure, and also require the active participation of the local community. These initiatives include setting up community gardens, harvesting rainwater and holding events about environmental protection in Mosques or community centres.


Gold initiatives require substantial financial contribution and structural changes to the Mosque. These can usually only be implemented where a Mosque is still being built and costs can be factored in, or where the local community comes together and raises funds specifically for these initiatives. These include putting in double glazed windows and doors, solar panels and water efficient taps.