Bronze Initiatives

energy-saving-light-bulbsEnergy saving light bulbs: The majority of light bulbs found in shops across Western Europe are already energy efficient. The UK took the lead on this issue, but the European Commission has also been working to phase out inefficient light bulbs across Europe. Still, many households and Mosques are still using inefficient light bulbs that were bought before they were phased out. Not only are these old light bulbs less energy efficient, they also add to your electricity bill as they consume more power.


Posters: We have produced a range of ‘Green Up My Community’ eco-posters that can be put up in Mosques to remind everyone about their Islamic obligation of looking after the natural environment.


Recycling: Many mosques do not have adequate provisions for recycling waste; instead, all the rubbish goes to landfills or incinerators. By simply introducing recycling bins, Mosques can ensure that recyclable waste does not head towards landfills any more.

Khutbas: It is time that we preached the Green Deen from the pulpit! Khutbas can be delivered on subjects such the environment, fair trade, or ethical buying and consumption (halal & tayyab).

walkWalk to Mosque/Car share days: On Fridays and tarawih prayers during Ramadan while Mosques are filled to the capacity by worshippers, nearby car parks and streets are also full of cars belonging to these attendees. It’s far more environmentally friendly, and less expensive as well, to either walk to the Mosque or car pool with your neighbours and friends.

cleaningEnvironmentally friendly cleaning products: The majority of cleaning products contain chemicals that might be harmful to the environment, animals and indeed, humans. These chemicals enter rivers and streams after passing through sewage systems, and may enter the food system after being consumed or absorbed by aquatic creatures. As an alternative, Mosques should use environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not contain harmful and hazardous chemicals.