Gold Initiatives

double glazedDouble glazing: Double glazed windows and doors help regulate the temperature in a building by reducing heat transfer. This means less energy is used to maintain a constant temperature inside the building, which also translates into lower bills for Mosques.
solar panelsSolar panels: While an expensive option, with high up-front costs, solar panels not only reduce our reliance on energy produced by burning fossil fuels, they can also save the Mosque money in the long run by producing free electricity all year round.
Food-BankFood bank/Soup kitchen: Many of us living in the industrialised West send charity to the developing world while ignoring the plight of the poor in our own countries. The recent economic downturn has made conditions even worse for these people, many of whom can no longer afford to feed themselves and their families adequately. We could contribute by establishing food banks and soup kitchens in Mosques to help feed the hungry on weekends or a few evenings every week.
tapsWater efficient taps: Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) ordered us to use as little water as possible for wudu (ablutions), but in reality we end up running a full tap while doing wudu several times a day. By installing new water efficient taps, or even by fitting water efficient accessories to normal existing taps, Mosques can ensure that we are no longer negligent of our Prophet’s orders and water wastage is kept to a minimum.