Silver Initiatives

GardenCommunity garden: Not all Mosques will have an outdoor space for a community garden. However, even small spaces can be utilised creatively to make small gardens and even plant herbs and vegetables. Community gardens are a great way of reconnecting with nature and especially educating kids about the true source of their food.
speakerSpeaker events on environment: While delivering khutbas on the environment or fair trade are the first step, we also need to hold community events in Mosques where experts are invited to speak on these issues with the Muslim community. These experts need not be necessarily Muslim, but it is also important to remember that there are plenty of Muslim environmentalists who can talk very eloquently and persuasively on these issues.

rainwater-harvestingHarvesting rainwater: Rainwater can easily be collected and stored in large tanks. As a first step this water can be used to water plants, community gardens, and utilised as drinking water for small animals and birds. Going further, rainwater can even be used in toilets.