French Fairtrade Finale

To commemorate the finale of our GUMC campaign, we decided to hold a  meal using fair-trade ingredients. The fair-trade  industry is not very developed in France, but you can still find coffee, sugar, tea, bananas and rice following the guidelines. Luckily, we found a great venue called ‘Restaurant l’Île aux Fleurs’ to serve as our ‘halal and ethical’ venue


Route du Polygone, Strasbourg, France

One of the goals of fair-trade is to allow farmers to get justly rewarded for their work, and not lose money on big industries that exploit them. That is the reason why we also added the “local” dimension to the snack!

We come from a region of France where we are fortunate to have a lot of farms and cultivated lands all around. We can buy farmers’ products either directly from their farms, or in the different markets of the city where some of them hold a stall. There is also a grocery store reselling local farmers’ products like dairy products, vegetables, fruits, meat or herbs.

The advantages of buying local are many: you reduce your carbon footprint (less transportation), you contribute to the conservation of small farms and you eat seasonal products.

We then prepared a small menu for about 20 people that would demonstrate that we can eat tasty and cheaper food made with local and fair-trade products. 4 sisters prepared one meal each: a squash soup, 3 leek and carrot quiches, 2 apple pies and 2 chocolate and hazelnut brownies.

We offered the participants fair-trade tea and coffee, or local apple juice. The chocolate and the sugar used in the brownie were also from fair-trade brands.

24 people in total came for the afternoon snack. Once everyone arrived, we presented the GUMC campaign and the aim of the afternoon and shared tips on where to shop to buy local and fair-trade products. Participants were then invited to choose food from the buffet and it appeared they all really enjoyed it, elhemdulillah.


The afternoon was very informative for everyone, and the general attitude seemed to be one of being far more conscious about the food we eat. I pray we can all benefit from this lesson!