GUMC Coordinator Germany

Kübra Ercan

Germany FlagSalamun alaikum. My name is Kübra and I am the coordinator for the Green Up campaign in Germany. Currently I´m studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the Ruhruniversität Bochum.

I´ve always felt close to nature, and it resonated with me when informed by some Muslim scholars that it´s a form of worship when you observe nature, and that by admiring the creation you are actually praising Allah.

I got this deeper understanding that an Islamic life is linked to eco-friendly behaviour just a few years ago. As a result in 2011, we founded an organisation for environmental protection in Germany, called Hima. Since then we have been trying to increase the awareness about environmental issues within the Muslim community.

I first came to know about the Green Up campaign in 2012 when I attended the Green Up conference. When I heard that a conference on greening up was going to take place in Berlin I was completely hooked. The initial euphoria was affirmed when I attended the conference. The quality of the sessions, the professionalism of the trainers and the spirit of the participants was simply amazing and infectious. The unique chance to work on a Europe wide movement with an international team was too alluring to pass.

I see a lot of potential in this campaign and believe that the international exchange as well as the shared experiences will help us all in moving forward. Over the last few years it can be clearly observed that German umbrella organisations have become more interested in these kinds of topics. In fact, the general awareness levels about environmental issues are increasing. However, in many cases the practical implementation around environmental protections has sadly been missing. Insha’Allah this campaign will activate Mosques and their members and help them to adopt more active and eco-friendly lifestyles. Our team is thankful for every helping hand that wishes to support the movement.

If you would like to get involved in the Green Up campaign in Germany or email Kübra, please contact us at