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Green Up My Community: A European Campaign

Green Up My Community is a Europe-wide campaign that is being launched across 9 different European countries. Each country is being represented by a high-level volunteer who will take the lead in rolling out the campaign in their respective country. Many of these volunteers came together for the first time in December 2012, when they took part in a Green Up conference hosted jointly by FEMYSO and MADE in Europe. The conference’s tagline was “Follow your deen, be green!” and this was the principle instilled in all participants throughout the 4 days, how integral environmentalism is to an Islamic lifestyle. It is a must to be eco-friendly and to try to improve our current situation.

All of the country representatives then came together again in May 2013, when a special weekend training course was put together for them in Brussels. They were provided campaigns training and taught how to run this campaign in their communities and countries. If you would like to be a part of this campaign in your country, then get in touch with your country representative for more information.