Ayaz Asadov – GUMC Azerbaijan Coordinator

ayazAssalamu aleykum. My name is Ayaz Asadov. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, and currently I am in the last phase of my Postgraduate education in the field of Public Policy.

I am a Steering Committee member and Coordinator of the Green Up My Community campaign in Azerbaijan. My main motivation in joining this campaign is related to my personal experience. Until quite recently I had no great interest in environmental issues, simply because I was not really aware of the magnitude of the problems the natural environment faces. However, my outlook completely changed with my participation in the Green Up Conference organized by MADE in Europe and FEMYSO. My way of looking at environmental issues and also my habits and lifestyle were altered completely. I also came to realize the importance of the natural environment from an Islamic perspective and our duty as Muslims to take an active part in preserving and protecting it.

My main aim in being involved in this campaign is to help others to have an opportunity to experience a similar transformation that I have had. Throughout the campaign, I intend to increase awareness about environmental protection and the importance of the environment from an Islamic point of view in Azerbaijan.

If you would like to get involved in the Green Up campaign in Azerbaijan or email Ayaz, please email us at


Group Photo Berlin Conference

Green Up Conference in Berlin

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