Amal Latahy – GUMC France Coordinator

france flagAssalamou ‘alaykoum.

I am the Green Up My Community campaign coordinator in France. I have always been concerned with environmental conservation and the behaviours we should all adopt to reduce our negative impact on scarce environmental resources. That’s why after my Engineering degree in Materials Science, I did my Master’s in Environmental Sciences. During the last two years I have focused more specifically on recycling, reducing food wastage, minimising water consumption, reducing general waste and renewable energy.

When I heard about the GUMC project I immediately realised the extent of the possibilities in terms of raising public awareness about fundamental ecological issues. As a member of EMF (Muslim Students of France) which is part of FEMYSO, I intend to bring my contribution to inform people on the very simple things we can do to improve our everyday behaviours and become greener, especially within the Muslim community.

I am very glad and proud to be coordinating this project in France and hope that a lot of mosques from all over the country will be interested in being a part of the campaign, and that the French Green Team will manage to create a valuable change in people’s minds.

If you would like to contact Amal, please email us at



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